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Adobe calls time on GoLive

June 3, 2006
Adobe GoLive...moves over for Dreamweaver

Adobe GoLive...moves over for Dreamweaver

It seemed inevietable that when Adobe bought its competitor Macromedia last year, that some software packages that we were familiar with would bite the dust.

Up until now Adobe have been biding their time, they have recently changed the Macromedia website, and made it very confusing and hard to use…like adobe .com, so nothing new there then.

Now they announce that GoLive is to be no more. Personally, I wont miss it as I have never used it. I’m sure there will be those in the Adobe community who will be pretty “miffed” though.

However, if you have ever used Dreamweaver the equivalent program from Macromedia you would recognise its clear superiority, and understand why Adobe have called time on GoLive.

The same rule will apply to Macromedia Freehand…Adobe illustrator knocks spots off freehand.
Adobe have said thay they will not discontinue FH but upgrade it a few times. There will be no new releases.


Poser to be trialed for content creation

November 2, 2004

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Phil is looking into Poser 3d modelling software for the creation of Website avatars, 3D art and Animation.

Poser 5 is the award-winning 3D character design tool for artists, illustrators and animators. Easily create 3D figures from ready-to-use human and animal models.

Poser adds realism, maps facial photos, grow and style dynamic hair, or add dynamic cloth that flows. Quickly output movies and images for use in any project.