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Adobe calls time on GoLive

June 3, 2006
Adobe GoLive...moves over for Dreamweaver

Adobe GoLive...moves over for Dreamweaver

It seemed inevietable that when Adobe bought its competitor Macromedia last year, that some software packages that we were familiar with would bite the dust.

Up until now Adobe have been biding their time, they have recently changed the Macromedia website, and made it very confusing and hard to use…like adobe .com, so nothing new there then.

Now they announce that GoLive is to be no more. Personally, I wont miss it as I have never used it. I’m sure there will be those in the Adobe community who will be pretty “miffed” though.

However, if you have ever used Dreamweaver the equivalent program from Macromedia you would recognise its clear superiority, and understand why Adobe have called time on GoLive.

The same rule will apply to Macromedia Freehand…Adobe illustrator knocks spots off freehand.
Adobe have said thay they will not discontinue FH but upgrade it a few times. There will be no new releases.


Weston Coyney Juniors Museum Site

November 3, 2004
News Image

The furness at Etruria Industrial Museum

Following their recent trip to Etruria Industrial Museum, Weston Coyney Junior School, and Longton high CLC have been working together to produce a website about their visit. Lynne Cauley of The Museum, working with Tom Pinecoffin of the Stoke-on-Trent Museums service came up to assist Phil with the project.

Whilst on their trip the students took photographs and video footage to add to their website. Tom and Phil created a template for the students to work on and created a generic user area from where all the students could access photos and add text to to the template.

The class were broken down into groups, each to create a specific section of the site. By midday the site was looking splendid. All the groups had written content and added images using

Macromedia Dreamweaver, which is a complex web building tool.

Tom said that he was impressed that the students had learned such a complex tool in such a short time. Phil has created a CD with the website on and there is also a DVD of the trip held at Weston Coyney Junior School.

TV Studio nears completion

October 10, 2004
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CLC TV studio nears completion

The new TV Studio at Longton High CLC is nearing completion. Workers from Confetti Studio, Nottingham have been working long hours to transform CLC 8 into a state of the art Mini TV studio.

The flooring has been laid, the partition wall, door and screen window are in place. Now the engineers are adding the hardware and wiring the room. Watch this space for more news over the next 24 hours.